Tenukuri Studio

Shool-Affiliated Visitors

“Tenukuri-Kobo (Tenukuri Studio)” offers student course for on-site training purpose.

Age limit:

10 years old and/or above, due to work safety reason.


About 1 hour 45 minutes – 2 hours (may vary based on number of participants)

Group size/ session:

5 pax (minimum), 10 pax (maximum)
(Please contact us if more than 10 pax)

Course contents:

* The workshop focuses on dyeing process.
* 5 – 10 participants dye patterns / motifs on a piece of fabric that is 1 tan in size.
(tan = measurement unit)
* At the end of the session, you will take home a piece of self made tenugui.

Original fabric size is 1 tan.
(tan = measurement unit, 1 tan can produce 10 – 11 pieces of tenugui)
1 tenugui size is about 35cm wide x 90 cm long.


Color Arrangement:

Color(s) will be provided.


2,160 Yen per pax (Price inclusive of tax)
(includes training, facility, tool rentals, materials, and other fees)


We make our best efforts on prevention of an accident and/or injury at our facility.
We (Tokyo Wazarashi Corporation) are not responsible for any accidents and/or any injuries occur during the workshop/event held at our facility.
Please kindly pay attention on all safety manners to have fun, learning at our facility.


Please contact us for application and/or inquiry about student course.