Tenukuri Studio


4-14-9 Tateishi Katsushika-ku Tokyo (Zip code 124-0012)
Tokyo Wazarashi Corporation
Tel: 03-3693-3335


Train station: Keisei Tateishi station Train line: Keisei Oshiage line
(Only local train stops at Keisei Tateishi station, not rapid and/or express train)

Access from Keisei Tateishi Station (about 8 minutes on foot)

After you exit the ticket gate at Keisei Tateishi station, walk straight and go down stairs on your left side. You will find Tateishi Station shopping street.

Walk along the shopping street until you find a traffic light.

Cross the road and walk along the S-curve street.

You will find Yakiniku restaurant (加留美亭) right before rows of cherry blossom trees.
Take left and after walking for about 200 meters.

You will find our company.

Map around Keisei Tateishi Station and our company.

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